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Are you a wellness practitioner, acupuncturist, esthetician, or represent a brand that's aligned with our ethos of minimizing harmful ingredients and inflated costs and maximizing results and profits?

Great! We'd love to invite you to experience how TOMA can enhance your business.

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Join thousands of licensed acupuncturists and estheticians who have learned our proprietary microneedling and AcuGlow™ facial Gua Sha protocols. Courses include a detailed demonstration so that you truly learn the techniques and feel confident practicing on your own.

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Uncompromisingly Clean

TOMA solves skin issues with adaptogenic ingredients that have been used for millennia to treat conditions by bringing skin into balance, not forcibly altering it with unnecessary harmful chemicals.

With expertly formulated professional products for treatment room use and at-home retail offerings, there is a seamless synergy between spa services and retail sales.

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A Decade of Proven Success

TOMA is a culmination of decades of study, thousands of happy clients, and a deep respect for the ancient wisdom of acupuncture.
Combining modern on-trend medical treatments like microneedling with ancient practices like gua sha, TOMA creates truly transformative spa experiences. Rooted in the principles of Five Element Acupuncture, rituals include potent infusions of traditional Chinese herbs to magnify the healing benefits of every treatment.

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