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TOMA is a culmination of decades of study, thousands of happy clients, and a deep respect for the ancient wisdom of acupuncture. Combining modern on-trend medical treatments like microneedling with ancient practices like gua sha, TOMA creates truly transformative spa experiences. Thousands of professionals: acupuncturists, estheticians, massage therapists, and physicians, have partnered with the leader in and equipment continuing education for esthetic acupuncture. 

Micro+ Pen TOMA Essential Skin Therapy

The Micro+ Pen

An exceptional Microneedling Pen for safe and effective facial rejuvenation treatments. 

The fastest technology, at 18,000 RPM, ensures a comfortable experience. Adjustable needle depth from 0.25mm – 2.5mm for precise results. 

One standard plug-in battery and two rechargeable batteries allow for back-to-back treatments and quick turn around time in the treatment room. 

Includes 10 each of micro-needle and nano-needle cartridge tips.

Lifetime replacement warranty.

$1200 for licensed professional partners

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Rainbow LED Light

Originally studied by NASA to promote wound healing, LED is an excellent complement to skincare treatments. 

The Rainbow LED Light by TOMA has six varying wavelengths of light that is absorbed by molecules in the skin, and in turn alters the biology nearby cells. 

Inflammation, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, collagen loss and more is addressed with one machine.

Lifetime replacement warranty.

$499 for licensed professional partners

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Micro+ Needling Bundle *plus* LED Rainbow Light TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
Essential System Kit TOMA Skin Therapies

Wholesale Products

We've owned spas for 17 years and know the opportunities and challenges that come with carrying retail products, especially for small businesses.

Our retail partners are invited to purchase products for retail resale at 50% off with no order minimums. We also have a generous affiliate program so you have an opportunity to earn commission without holding inventory, a great option for partners who have a digital presence.

Our experience has taught us that flexible and generous wholesale programs set up a win-win for everyone.

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