How to Use Acupressure to Reveal Your Best Skin

How to Use Acupressure to Reveal Your Best Skin

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The guiding principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teach us that balanced qi is at the heart of wellness. Qi, also known as energy flow, is the life force that flows throughout various channels of the body. When these channels get blocked, our body is thrown out of balance, leading to symptoms from brain fog to breakouts. Incorporating acupressure into your daily wellness routine can help release blocked energy and help bring your body and skin back into balance. Find out about the beauty-boosting benefits of this ancient healing tradition and how you can use it to glow from within. 

The Heart of Wellness: Qi

Unlike Western medicine which views the body as separate systems of organs, TCM tells us that the body is a system of interconnected parts. Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the life force that flows through our body’s energy-carrying channels, also known as meridians. When energy flows freely through the body, our minds are clear and we feel healthy. However, when one of our energy channels gets blocked, our body can’t regulate itself properly, which can make us vulnerable to an array of mental and physical symptoms. Rebalancing our qi helps unblock the flow of energy and bring our body back into healthy equilibrium. 

Release Energy with Acupressure

Born from traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is an ancient form of massage that targets key points in the body where energy, or qi, can get trapped. Think of acupressure as acupuncture without the needles while its sister tradition relies on painlessly puncturing the skin, you can achieve similar results by applying pressure with just your hands, which means you can do it easily on your own. Activating these target points encourages the movement of energy, which helps promote overall well-being: improving stress, managing pain, and supporting immunity.

Acupressure for Radiant Skin

Rebalancing the flow of your qi can also noticeably boost your complexion. That’s because triggering key energy points stimulates circulation to help calm puffiness, release muscle tension that causes fine lines and wrinkles, and promote healthy skin repair. When incorporating acupressure into your beauty regimen, consider these go-to pressure points. 

Forehead: Also known as ying tang, or the third eye, you can find this target point directly above your eyebrows. Accessing this pressure point targets headaches and releases tension that leads to fine lines and wrinkles, improving the overall texture of your skin. 

Temples: Located on either side of your temples, this pressure point helps relieve sinus congestion and also helps stimulate circulation around the delicate areas of the eyes, calming puffiness and brightening dark under eye circles.

Cheekbones: Also known as the four whites pressure point, activating the area found a half inch below the eyes helps detox the skin and calm inflammation, reducing the appearance of blemishes.

Upper Lip: Also known as the shuigou spot, this target point directly above your lip line helps alleviate cramps, promotes concentration and encourages the relaxation of frown lines. 

DIY Acupressure Ritual with Bioactive Regenerating Oil 

Our Bioactive Regenerating Oil serves as the ideal vehicle for your acupressure practice. Our decadent formula is infused with ru xiang (frankincense) and nan gua zi (pumpkin seed), ancient Chinese herbs that work with your skin’s natural healing processes to promote detoxification, encourage cellular turnover, and deeply nourish the skin. Warm 4-5 drops of our oil in the palms of your hands, and gently press into your skin. Use the cushioned pads of your fingertips to activate our recommended points, starting with your third eye and working your way down for a soft, radiant glow. Use firm pressure to activate each point for about three breaths, or gently massage in circular motionsadjust the pressure based on what feels right for you and your body. 

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