The Hype of Essential Oils in Skincare

The Hype of Essential Oils in Skincare

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Lately, essential oils have skyrocketed in relevance amongst the general population. What was once used mostly by artisans making soap and candles is now being touted by many as capable of positively affecting everything from energy levels to beauty to mood.

Then there are the more extreme claims that essential oils can improve and even heal health-related issues, like inflammation, pain, and illness. For people seeking a chemical-free, naturally-derived solution to a wide variety of possible problems, the appeal is obvious.

At the same time, some skincare lines are stepping out against essential oils, saying that they haven’t been proven to have the powers that its proponents claim and that they may even be dangerous if used incorrectly. So, what’s the truth? Are essential oils a miracle cure or a snake oil remedy?

The Reality

Like in many situations, the reality of essential oils is more complicated than either side’s extreme claims. Ultimately, the use of essential oils is a science. In order for products to truly harness essential oils’ benefits, they need to be formulated using the highest quality essential oils with the proper amount added for each product type. When used correctly, essential oils won’t disrupt your body’s systems and will, in fact, proffer a variety of proven benefits.

The Benefits to Your Skin

If you choose a well-made holistic skincare product like TOMA, the many benefits you can expect to see are:

Basic Skincare
Essential oil products can be a key part of your skincare routine insofar as they help to: 

  • Cleanse and clean the skin
  • Fight production of sebum
  • Balance the skin’s PH
Skin Healing

When applied correctly, essential oils can heal the skin in many ways, including the ability to:

  • Regenerate healthy skin cells
  • Enhance the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Help heal scars and irritation
  • Fight free radicals, creating an anti-aging effect
Improve Appearance

Essential oil skin products can make your skin look beautiful by doing all of the following:

  • Tighten and tone the skin tissue
  • Improve strength and elasticity
  • Soften, hydrate, and moisturize

Choosing Quality Skincare Products

If you’re interested in trying out skincare products with essential oils for yourself, how do you choose the best options? First, consider the quality of the oils themselves. A company that sources essential oils using trusted and traditional quality extraction methods is helping you benefit from the world’s finest oils. This means avoiding mass produced essential oils and companies that cannot track the source. Also, understand the essential oils’ direct action on the skin.

Further, you want to be mindful of the company’s safety procedures. Any product you buy should follow proper criterium for natural cosmetic safety guidelines. That’s usually a quantity of between .01 to 1.5 percent essential oil for facial care products.

Finally, products that use essential oils for scent are less likely to use the appropriate quantities that maximize benefits to your skin. This is why some of our TOMA products have an earthy, medicinal scent, we only add what’s necessary to address skin concerns and nothing more.

TOMA Essential Skin Therapy prides itself on using only the finest, natural ingredients and properly distilled essential oils. Our formulations address issues from the inside out and our products are clean, herbal, and medicinal. We encourage you to try them and we’d love to hear your feedback!


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